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#SnowyOwl (Bubo scandiacus) is ready for the #LibrariesofInstagram January challenge – #LibraryWonderland! This winter wonderland scene comes from Jacob Henry Studer’s The Birds of North America (1903). View more in @biodivlibrary with thanks to @silibraries for digitizing:
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We’ve had a few snowy owl sightings in Missouri again this winter!


No-one paints owls like Hieronymus Bosch
[Garden of Earthly Delights].


Walter King Stone


We’re kicking off Feathursday with this gorgeous owl from the pages of Das Buch der Natur (1875) by Friedrich Schoedler (1813-1814). The eyes are so expressive, don’t you think?


From St. Nicholas (serial) vol. 3 by Mary Mapes Dodge, 1873

Take Away the A. By writer Michaël Escoffier and illustrator Kris Di Giacomo 



embroidery  @kumasanmania

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Monday Motivation Owl

But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach you; and the birds of the air, and they shall tell thee. Job 12:7

For your Monday motivation we present the 1979 Janus Press edition of James Cortese’s award-winning book of fables, What the Owl Said, with relief prints by Claire Van Vliet. Limited to an edition of 90 copies, Van Vliet hand-set and printed the text in Trump Mediaeval, with the prologue and epilogue in Rudolf Koch’s Walldau, on Promatco Heavy Library Endleaf with Fabriano end papers. The edition was hand-bound in full, printed Belgian linen over boards by James Bicknell. Our copy bears a signed presentation inscription from Van Vliet to our friend and benefactor Jerry Buff.

James Cortese, who earned his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was awarded grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Wisconsin Arts Board for What the Owl Said. Even though the owl has a powerful visual presence in this book and is the subject of the title, it only makes a silent, distant appearance, and from this the entire set of stories begins and ends.

Saying everything without uttering a sound – Now THAT’S motivation!! Listen to what the owl said!

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