My best and largest piece of feather art yet, over 10 hours went into placing everything perfectly, of you want your own message me, SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY! this box has all kinds of birds in it

9x9in is $115 shipped

12x12in is $165 shipped

20x20in is $450 shipped

I accept PayPal, venmo, Facebook messenger payments, zelle.

1-Mollucan cockatoo

2-Sulfer crested cockatoo

3-Major Mitchell’s cockatoo

4-Scarlet macaw

5-blue gold macaw

6-Hyacynth macaw

7-Red tailed black cockatoo

8-Eastern Rosella

9-tawny frog mouth

10-Black palm cockatoo

11-Yellow headed Amazon

12-Eclectus parrot

13-india blue peacock

14-White peacock

15-bronze white eyed peacock

16-Great Argus pheasant

17-Mikado pheasant

18-Blue fronted amazon (mutation)

19-Palawan Peacock pheasant

20-Maylay Peacock pheasant

21-Bronze tailed Peacock pheasant

22-Germane Peacock pheasant

23-Grey peacock pheasant

24-Lady amherst pheasant

25-Reeves pheasant

26-Jones Silver pheasant

27-Lewis silver pheasant

28-Temminiks tragopan pheasant

29-Cabbots tragopan pheasant

30-Red golden pheasant

31-Yellow golden pheasant

32-impeyan pheasant

33-Eastern wild turkey

34-Mallard duck

35-Sarus crane

36-West African crowned crane

37-Trumpeter hornbill

38-Violet Turaco

39-Eagle owl

40-Greater currassow

41-Knobbed currassow

42-Pearl guinea

43-Lavendar guinea

44-Vulturine guineafowl

45-Mandarin wood duck

46-American wood duck

47-Blue winged kookaburra

48-blue goose

49-java peacock

50-created guineafowl

51-americauna chicken

52-Andean condor

53-African long crested eagle

54-Japanese white tailed see eagle

55-augur buzzard